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Why do you get a hangover?

Why do you get a hangover? - LVDY - LOVE EVERY DAY

Why do you get a Hangover?


A hangover is a collection of symptoms that can develop after drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol’s functional group -OH is a reactive oxidative species. They are intending to generate free radicals, propagating continuous harmful reactions in our bodies. If feeling awful wasn’t bad enough, frequent hangovers might lead to poor performance and conflicts at work. However, your body has a defence system to deal with the harmful toxins from alcohol. 


Why do you get Hangover?- The Science Behind it.

As a general rule, the more alcohol you drink, the more likely you are to have a Hangover the next day. But there’s no magic formula to tell you how much you can safely drink and still avoid a Hangover. Our bodies have a natural defence system for dealing with the toxins from alcohol. The body uses antioxidants such as Glutathione to nullify the free radicals created by alcohol. Unfortunately, as we drink more alcohol, our bodies’ antioxidant and hydration levels begin to run low. Depletion of Glutathione and hydration levels cause the body to generate the symptoms of Hangover.  


Glutathione in our Body fights the toxins to avoid Hangover.

People with naturally low or already depleted Glutathione levels will likely experience hangovers from relatively low alcohol consumption. Conversely, people who drink less regularly are likely to have lower Glutathione levels as their bodies will not anticipate a high demand for the antioxidant. As a result, you might feel terrible after your after-hours office party. 


N Acetyl Cysteine Helps the Body replenish Glutathione.

Our bodies can make more Glutathione from its precursor Cysteine but at a limited rate. However, if our Cysteine levels are low, we run into the same problems all over again. Various high protein foods give your body a replenishment of N-Acetyl Cysteine in small amounts. However, the most efficient way to buy a supplement like LVDY and get it delivered home


LVDY Contains Glutathione and N Acetyl Cysteine. 

Although your body can replenish Glutathione by using N Acetyl Cysteine, it might not be enough. LVDY contains Glutathione and N Acetyl Cysteine, giving you a direct replenishment of your body needs. In addition, these antioxidants can help support your liver in fighting the toxins, which could reduce your hangover symptoms.


Continuing to drink the following morning cure your Hangover?

Once a person has developed a hangover, there is no way to cure it, and you only prolong the Hangover by consuming more alcohol. Your body needs to rest and repair after fighting the toxins from alcohol. However unpleasant, most hangovers go away on their own, though they can last up to 24 hours. Since dehydration can be a significant cause of your Hangover, it would be wiser to start the next day by drinking plenty of water. Your health will suffer if you fail to rehydrate or if you drink alcohol too often and excessively. 


Responsible Drinking is the Best Hangover Cure.

When you choose to drink alcohol, being responsible can help you avoid consequential hangovers. The best way to do this is not to drink too much. Here at LVDY, we are realistic about people’s alcohol consumption. We understand that responsible drinking is not always possible, which is why we developed LVDY.


A Supplement like LVDY can Support you while drinking.

You might have seen several companies claiming that they are selling the “Hangover Cure.” We believe it is inaccurate to call anything directly a Hangover Cure. Drinking alcohol does harm your body, and nothing will completely cure the impact of alcohol. However, after years of trialling and developing, we believe we have developed a product that can assist your body in fighting the toxins. Our customers agree that their Hangover Symptoms get reduced the next day after using our product. Of course, we are all different, and the effect of our supplement might not work for everyone. As a result, we offer a sample pack at an affordable price with free shipping in the UK. We are enabling you to test out our product to see the impact on yourself. 



Why do you get Hangover? – Summary

  • Alcohol produces OH, a reactive oxidative species. Thus, they are intending to generate free radicals, propagating continuous harmful reactions in our bodies. 
  • Our body uses the antioxidant Glutathione to fight the harmful toxins created by alcohol.
  • However, our bodies quickly run out of Glutathione when we consume alcohol. 
  • N Acetyl Cysteine helps the body replenish Glutathione. Nevertheless, our bodies quickly run out of N Acetyl Cysteine when we drink alcohol. 
  • The process of fighting the toxins from alcohol makes us dehydrated. Many hangover symptoms result from this.
  • It is therefore essential to stay hydrated while and after consuming alcohol. 
  • A supplement like LVDY can assist your body in replenishing Glutathione and N Acetyl Cysteine. However, our product works differently for different people. Therefore, we offer free shipping on our sample pack so that you can try it yourself. Alternatively, go to our shop to find the product size that best fits your lifestyle choices. 


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