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LVDY Reviews

Find out why so many of our customers leave 5* reviews after using LVDY!

"Hangover" Reviews

Fantastico 👌

Went on an absolute bender for the football in Newcastle. A friend gave me these beforehand and took them. Woke up fresh as a daisy the next day, zero hangover.

Excellent product and excellent service

This product delivers its promise, no hangover the next day! Always take 2 tablets before I go on a night out with the confidence that I wont be suffering in the morning.

Would highly reccommend

Was sceptical at first of taking the hangover pills, but they actually did work! Was pleasantly surprised and would highly recommend.

Really works!

I made sure to have lots of water as well but it made such a difference the next day - I didn’t feel lethargic or sluggish, no hangover and I had mixed lots of drinks, including lots of fizzy stuff! Would really recommend to any one looking for a way to combat the sore head after a heavy night!

Great product that keeps the hangover at bay!

You have to make sure you take them an hour before you start drinking for them to work properly and to me it feels like they take the edge of alcohol absorption during drinking so that you don't get get as drunk at the time, and the dreaded hangover doesn't arrive in the same way the next day. The best way to describe it is you know you've been drinking the day/night before and are waiting for the hangover to kick in... but it doesn't!

Huge help for the dreaded day after!

For me, these have worked brilliantly and I immediately became an evangelist. For full transparency, sometimes it seems to have avoided a hangover altogether, other times the symptoms are vastly reduced - I will experiment a little with the number of pills taken and/or timing to see what works best for me, but for the past few months these have been great.

"Hangover Cure" Reviews

At last, a hangover product that actually works!!

After trying so many different "hangover cures" all to no avail my cynicism about these products is high. However, after trying LVDY four times I can clearly say for me that I have found the magic bullet. I've definitely put the pills through their paces. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and you'll enjoy a hangover free day the next day. Total game changer.

I am a bit sceptical of so called...

hangover cures but this does work. Felt absolutely fine the day after a full wedding day celebration. Even went out on a run. Top marks!

Just what you want in a hangover cure!

I purchased the LVDY pills before a work conference in Berlin which I knew would be quite 'beer heavy'. I took the pills twice and they worked fantastically, I was able to get up early in the morning without a sore head and get on with the working day. I highly recommend these to anyone that wants to have fun with their friends but avoid the hazy head in the morning!

"Headache" Reviews

A life saver for parents

I am not very good the morning after drinking but I was shocked with the lack of headache that I normally get from drinking. In fact, none of my usual hangover ailments were either there or as severe as normal. I will definitely take these again next time I am drinking.

Great product!

Before using LVDY, even if I'm not usually drinking too heavily, I generally still wake up with a bit of a headache. After taking 2 of these supplements before drinking (I've tried it 2 times now) I've woken up feeling fresh as a daisy! No headache and no nausea. Well worth the investment if you like a night out fairly often but don't enjoy the morning after feeling!

I was at a wedding recently and was...

given LVDY to try out. At first I was apprehensive. The next day after a lot of drink and a mixture of drinks I expected to be completely ill.
In fact it was the complete opposite, I was a little tired but felt perfect. NO hangover, NO headache, so this product for me is INCREDIBLE.

"Alcohol" Reviews

Hangover free holiday

When we woke up in the morning and we’re having breakfast together, one person said that they felt hungover and asked if anyone else did. Those who had taken LVDY felt absolutely fine and the people who hadn’t were feeling the effects of the alcohol. Highly recommend if you want to have fun with friends but also enjoy your day the next day.


Before I started taking LVDY, I didn't enjoy going out. After only a small amount of alcohol I was ill all the day after. Since I discovered LVDY, I can enjoy going out because I know I will love my day the next day.


LVDY WORKS! And is a fantastic new addition to my supplements drawer. Boosting your liver's production of anti toxins, it helps negate the effects of too much indulgence in alcohol and assists your body in recovering faster. It worked better than I could have expected and I now take it daily to feel good. I thoroughly recommend it to you.

"Morning After" Reviews

Amazing Results!

Thought I would try these as I had a two day reunion and world cup drinks, was sceptical at first but next morning felt like I hadn’t even had a drink! Even managed to go gym in the morning and according to my Fit Bit my numbers were pretty much identical to if I hadn’t been out. Great product and amazing customer service, would highly recommend.

Excellent product and excellent service

This product delivers its promise, no hangover the next day! Always take 2 tablets before I go on a night out with the confidence that I won't be suffering in the morning.

I received a trial pack and took 2...

tablets yesterday prior to a very boozy BBQ. I usually suffer terrible hangovers even after a couple of drinks. I can honestly say, I woke up 8am this morning feeling absolutely 💯. These tablets are incredible. I've already ordered more. Thank you so much LVDY 💓

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