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You can take LVDY every day to support your body’s metabolic functions – take 1 or 2 capsules daily

If you want just to take it when you drink, then take 2 capsules at least one hour before you start drinking alcohol – drink as you normally would and remember to hydrate yourself while drinking and before going to sleep.

The main component of LVDY is Glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant which re-pairs the unpaired electrons of free radicals that are generated from reactive oxidative species such as alcohol. This nullifies the free radical, which would otherwise be initiating uncontrolled and unwanted reactions within body cells.

Yes, however it is important to remember that every individual body is different so the effectiveness of the product may vary for some. If using the product before drinking, it also depends on how much alcohol is consumed and how hydrated you keep throughout the night.

LVDY is a supplement which contains a combination of natural ingredients designed to support your body’s metabolic functions.

The biggest risks in taking LVDY are believing that it allows you to drink more than usual and ignoring professional medical and governmental recommendations/rules regarding alcohol consumption. Always drink responsibly and remember that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption according to WHO.

The only known side effect is slight dehydration, however this occurs naturally when we consume alcohol so it is good practice to remain hydrated at all times.

No. LVDY will not change your alcohol tolerance levels and LVDY should never be used as an excuse to drink excessively. If you are intoxicated you are potentially vulnerable and LVDY will not change that.  

Yes, all our ingredients and the capsules are vegan friendly.

LVDY is manufactured at G&G Food Supplies in South East England.

LVDY makes no difference to whether you should drive. It doesn’t reduce your blood alcohol levels. If your blood alcohol levels are above the legal driving limit you MUST NOT drive. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

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