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Meet Our Manufacturers

Meet Our Manufacturers - LVDY - LOVE EVERY DAY

We started our journey looking for a manufacturer for our Food Supplement LVDY. From the outset, we knew we wanted to manufacture in the UK. We believe that UK manufacturing ensures the highest quality standards. Furthermore, we wanted to support our incredible UK manufacturing industry. Additionally, we want to avoid unnecessary shipping between countries to keep the company’s carbon footprint low. Moreover, to ensure that the product is safe for consumption, we specifically wanted to use an MHRA-certified manufacturer. After extensive research, we ended up using G&G Vitamins. 

G&G Vitamins Company Values and Experience

Like us, G&G is a family business. They also clearly share our values of quality and ethical responsibility. We were drawn in by their strong ethos of ethics, honesty, and quality. Attributes which some companies seem to lack these days. After 50 years of experience in manufacturing vitamins and supplements. This experience has given them a unique and valuable understanding of supplement production. Most significantly, they recognise that “the brands that survive are the ones that put quality first.” They strive to work with brands that respect themselves and their customers – we admire and share this aim. 


G&G Vitamins Product Purity and Production Quality

It was also vital that the manufacturers we chose did not use fillers or additives in their ingredients. That is ensuring high purity and quality. We want LVDY to be without any hidden components that people wouldn’t want in their bodies. G&G’s mission as a vitamin manufacturer is “to provide some of the purest supplements available on the market because that is what brings the eventual customer the most benefit.”  This focus is a critical aspect that initially drew us to them as manufacturers. 


No Additives – Just Pure Natural Ingredients

G&G primarily manufactures its supplements in the form of capsules. They recognise that tablets require the use of external excipients/additives to bind and merge the supplement. It is ultimately reducing the product’s purity. This preference for capsules over tablets allows us to reassure our customers that our product only contains ingredients that you want in your body.


G&G Vitamins assure that they take a zero-compromise approach to quality and standards. With meticulously control over every stage of nutraceutical manufacturing, they can guarantee the purity of the product. Additionally, they keep clear records of every batch produced. The records include all ingredients used, source of components, etc. This process ensures complete accountability at every stage of production.


What G&G Vitamins say about their Key Quality Control Details:

  • Ingredients get sourced from suppliers they have previously worked with in the past. They always require supporting CoAs and evidence of quality standards from all their suppliers.
  •  Ingredients undergo 3rd party lab testing for quality control and certification. Simultaneously, products undergo an internal check, which includes checking colour, scent, and weight.
  • Once encapsulated, they run the capsules through a polishing machine to remove excess powder outside the shell. 
  • The polishing machine contains a highly sensitive metal detector. The metal detector enables G&G to test the capsules for residual metals. With minimum handling and optimum efficiency – it can detect even the smallest of metal fragments.
  • Finally, all the capsules go through the last check by the human eye to reveal any imperfections. This check uncovers, e.g., Dents or insufficiently filled capsules.

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